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Managed DNS Hosting

Our redundant, geographically-diverse DNS servers provide robust, reliable DNS hosting for your valuable domain name assets.

Dragonfli Benefits

Web Management Control Panel: Access and edit your DNS zones over the web using a simple, modern management interface. Don’t get stuck waiting for your provider to make changes … our changes propagate through our geographically-diverse system within minutes of your update.

Nightly Backups: Your DNS data is always stored in multiple geographic locations, and is additionally backed-up with a nightly snapshot. Make a mistake in editing your DNS zone information? We can revert to a previous (“known good”) configuration quickly.

Managed Infrastructure: Dragonfli actually operates the infrastructure that is providing your DNS services. So when issues arise, you can talk to the people that actually know how the system is configured, and can access the server logs and other resources to track down any problems that may arise. Did you know — many residential/business ISPs don’t run their own DNS servers? They outsource! Try getting customer service for that…


$0.50/mo per zone

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