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Support: Email Setup

To begin, please ensure that you have your e-mail address username and password handy. Open Mail. When Mail has finished launching, you will be prompted by a wizard to start creating an e-mail account. Continue past the introduction by clicking Continue.

The next dialog box asks you to enter your Full Name, your E-mail Address, and an Account Description. Note that your name and e-mail address will appear on sent e-mail in exactly the way you enter it here. Also note that the account description can be anything you like, it simply serves to identify the e-mail account within Mail. DragonFli uses IMAP instead of POP for e-mail access. Please change this setting on the Account Type section of the dialog. Setup - Step 1

After pressing Continue, you will be asked to enter information about your incoming mailserver. Enter in the Incoming Mail Server field. Enter your e-mail username in the User Name field. Your mail username typically consists of your full email address. In the example below, our user’s e-mail address is and his corresponding username would be (note: the screenshot below does not show this properly). If you like, you can enter your password here now. Setup - Step 2

Upon clicking Continue Mail will attempt to connect to the mailserver to verify the configuration. This process could take up to a couple of minutes. Setup - Step 3

Eventually, Mail will ask you for your outgoing mailserver information. Under Outgoing Mail Server enter Similarly to the previous dialog, Mail will attempt to verify the mailserver upon pressing Continue.

Important Note: Depending on your internet service provider, this step could fail. Some popular internet service providers have recently started blocking mail over certain ports. Please do not worry about this, we will alter the configuration slightly in the following steps.

Mail will now show you an information screen with the current configuration. Press Continue. We are almost finished configuring your e-mail to work properly. Setup - Step 5

To continue to the next step, select Mail in the menu and select Preferences… Setup - Step 6

A large configuration dialog box will open up. From the tabs at the top, make sure to select Accounts. Once there, from the accounts to the left, make sure to select the account you have just created (it will be labeled with whatever you entered in the Account Description back in the first step). From the pane at the right, select Account Information, finally, press the Server Settings… button near the bottom of the right configuration pane. Setup - Step 7

The outgoing mailserver advanced configuration will come up. In the Server Port text field, change the port from 25 to 8025. Under the Authentication drop-down, select Password and enter your user name (which is your full email address) and your password, and then press OK. Setup - Step 8

Finally, we need to tell where to find your mail on our mailserver. Back in the configuration dialog box, select Advanced from the tabs at the top of the configuration pane, and enter “INBOX” (without the quotes) in the IMAP Path Prefix section. Setup - Step 9

From this point, you should now be configured to send and receive e-mail. If this hasn’t worked out for you, please feel free to contact us for further help.